Defensive Indifference: Ep 14 — Org Review (Cardinals)

In Episode 14 of Defensive Indifference: A 2080 Baseball PodcastDave DeFreitas and Nick J. Faleris discuss the always interesting Cardinals system, including top prospect Alex Reyes (RHP), his season-ending injury and projected future role. Dave and Nick also delve into the lower-levels to discuss potential impact arms such as Sandy Alcantara (RHP) and Jack Flaherty (RHP), as well as newly acquired 2016 draftees Dylan Carlson (OF), Delvin Perez (SS) and Dakota Hudson (RHP).

Cardinals Organizational Review (Article/Rankings)

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Episode Topics

Segment 1
00:00:00 – Introduction and system overview.
00:02:30 – Alex Reyes discussion; what makes a #2 starter vs. a #3 starter?
00:09:30 – Dave breaks down Sandy Alcantara; comparing and contrasting Alcantara vs. Reyes.
00:17:00 – Luke Weaver discussion; comparing and contrasting Weaver to Marco Gonzales.
00:25:00 – Harrison Bader discussion.
00:29:00 – Carson Kelly discussion.

Segment 2
00:37:00 – Jack Flaherty discussion.
00:44:30 – Nick breaks down Dakota Hudson.
00:46:00 – Magneuris Sierra discussion.
00:48:15 – Dylan Carlson discussion.
00:50:30 – Nick Plummer discussion.
01:06:00 – Debating Delvin Perez‘s risk and upside.
01:12:15 – Dave breaks down Junior Fernandez; future role discussion.
01:15:45 – Nick discusses Jeremy Martinez.

Segment 3
01:17:00 – Housekeeping.
01:20:15 – “Who ya got?”; Dave breaks down Eliezer Alvarez.
01:23:45 – “Who ya got?”; Nick breaks down Jordan Hicks.
01:25:00 – Mailbag: Who were some 2017 MLB Draft standouts at USA Baseball National High School Invitational.