Defensive Indifference: Ep 15 — Org Review (Mariners) & MiLB Season Update

Dave DeFreitas and Nick J. Faleris discuss the Mariners’ farm system and the start of the 2017 MiLB Season. Nick and Dave tackle Mariners outfielders  – Mitch HanigerTyler O’Neill –  and also discuss Kyle Lewis segment one. In segment two, they break down the rest of the Mariners’ system and then touch on some prospects across baseball enjoying a strong start to the season.

Mariners Organizational Review (Article/Rankings)

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Episode Topics

Segment 1
00:00:00 – Introduction.
00:03:00 – Overview of the Mariners’ system.
00:09:00 – Tyler O’Neill discussion.
00:17:30 – Kyle Lewis discussion.
00:24:30 – Mitch Haniger discussion.

Segment 2
00:31:00 – Thyago Vieira vs. Dan Altavilla.
00:36:15 – Dan Altavilla discussion.
00:40:00 – Nick Neidert discussion.
00:43:00 – Max Povse discussion.
00:48:45 – Dan Vogelbach discussion.
00:56:00 – Joe Rizzo discussion.
01:20:15 – “Who ya got?”; Dave breaks down Jordan Cowan.
01:23:45 – “Who ya got?”; Nick breaks down Brayan Hernandez.

Segment 3
01:11:00 – Nick breaks down Eduardo Del Rosario and Dylan Carlson.
01:18:15 – Dave breaks down Yoan Moncada.
01:22:30 – Dave breaks down Cody Bellinger.