Defensive Indifference Ep. 02.10 — Trade Season Intro and MLB Draft Wrap

Mike Siani plays in the 2017 Area Code Games on August 6-10, 2017 at Blair Field in Long Beach, California (Bill Mitchell)

Featured Photo: Mike Siani, OF, Penn Charter (Philadelphia, Penn.)

In Segment 1 of Episode 02.10 of Defensive Indifference: A 2080 Baseball Podcast, Dave DeFreitas and Adam McInturff intro trade season by breaking down the analysis and considerations that go into putting together potential trade packages by stepping Nick Faleris and Burke Granger through two potential young and costs controlled trade targets in Jacob DeGrom and Michael Fullmer. In Segment 2, Nick, Burke and Adam wrap last week’s MLB Draft with a focus on Days 2 and 3, including some of their favorite picks and draft classes.

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Transition music: Crown of the Valley; Conrad — Jets to Brazil

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Segment 1

00:00:00 – Intro.
00:01:45 – Trade season heating-up.
00:03:00 – Trading for young, controlled pieces.
00:12:00 – Jake DeGrom (RHP,Mets) hypothetical trade analysis.
00:25:30 – Michael Fulmer (RHP, Tigers) hypothetical trade analysis.

Segment 2

00:38:30 – Kyler Murray (OF, Univ. of Oklahoma); reported deal with Athletics and analysis.
00:46:15 – Lots of good draft classes.
00:54:00 – Indians draft class discussion.
00:59:00 – Rays draft class discussion.
01:05:33 – Red Sox draft class discussion.
01:13:00 – Mets draft class discussion.
01:20:30 – Nick’s favorite Day 2 pick – Blaine Knight (RHP, Univ. of Arkansas), Orioles 3rd Round.
01:24:15 – Burke’s favorite Day 2 pick – Mike Siani (OF, Penn Charter (Penn.)), Reds 4th Round.
01:30:45 – Burke’s favorite Day 3 pick – Michael Byrne (RHP, Univ. of Florida), Reds 14th Round.
01:33:00 – Nick’s favorite Day 3 pick – Nick Trogerlic-Iverson (RHP, Central Arizona CC), Brewers 15th Round.
01:36:45 Adam’s noteworthy picks – Dallas Woolfolk (RHP, Ole Miss), Athletics 13th Round, and Zach Linginfelter (RHP, Tennessee), Nationals 19th Round.
01:39:00 – Burke heading to PG National; summer coverage begins this week.