Defensive Indifference Ep. 02.11 — Extended Spring Training With John Eshleman

Kevin Maitan - Los Angeles Angels 2018 spring training (Bill Mitchell)

Featured Photo: Kevin Maitan, OF, Angels

Segment 1 of Episode 02.10 of Defensive Indifference: A 2080 Baseball Podcast, Adam McInturff and John Eshleman go over John’s tour through the Arizona complexes for Extended Spring Training and Nick Faleris joins the conversation to discuss the difficulties in scouting J2 players and how things can change between signing the player and state-side ball. In segment two Adam and Nick discuss some Florida State League All-Star participants and Adam’s upcoming schedule.

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Transition music: Crown of the Valley; Conrad — Jets to Brazil

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Segment 1

00:00:00 – Welcoming back John Eshleman.
00:03:30 – What is Extended Spring Training and why should we care about it?
00:11:00 – Kevin Maitan (SS, Angels) discussion.
00:24:30 – Jose Soriano (RHP, Angels) discussion.
00:30:15 – Kristian Robinson (OF, Diamondbacks) discussion.
00:36:00 – George Valera (OF, Indians) discussion.
00:44:00 – Aaron Bracho (INF, Indians) discussion.

Segment 2

00:54:30 – 2080 All Star Game previews.
00:58:00 – Florida State League All Star Game this past weekend.
01:00:30 – Taylor Trammell (OF, Reds) discussion.
01:08:00 – Cristian Pache (OF, Braves) discussion.
01:17:00 – Jorge Guzman (RHP, Marlins) discussion.
01:25:00 – Adam’s upcoming travels.