Defensive Indifference Ep. 02.14 — Manny Machado and JA Happ Trade Talks

In Episode 02.14 of Defensive Indifference: A 2080 Baseball Podcast, Dave DeFreitas and Adam McInturff return to the podcast and join Nick Faleris in discussing Manny Machado and JA Happ trade scenarios, as well as an opening discussion on the Braves’ failure to sign Carter Stewart (8th overall draft pick).

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Transition music: Crown of the Valley; Conrad — Jets to Brazil

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Segment 1

00:00:00 – Intro
00:05:00 – Carter Stewart breakdown.
00:27:00 – Trade Targets: J.A. Happ; Dave breaks down the profile and potential landing spot.
00:31:15 – Adam breaks down Happ and trade comps from 2017.
00:36:30 – Cubs as a potential landing spot.

Segment 2

00:44:30 – Trade Targets: Manny Machado; Nick introduces the profile.
00:47:00 – Dave and Adam share thoughts on Machado and how to value the profile.
00:57:15 – Dave breaks down Atlanta as a fit for Machado.
01:17:30 – Phillies as a suitor for trade and free agency.
01:25:30 – Dodgers as a suitor for trade and free agency.
01:28:30 – Indians as a suitor for trade.
01:33:00 – Brewers as a suitor for trade.