Defensive Indifference (Limited Series) — AFL Episode 4

In the fourth episode of this limited series of Defensive Indifference: A 2080 Baseball Podcast, co-hosts Ryan Sullivan and John Eshleman are joined by baseball legend Joe McIlvaine to discuss all things scouting and the state of today’s game.

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Transition music: Road to Nowhere — Talking Heads

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00:01:35 – The MLB scouting bureau.
00:05:00 – What teams are doing in the AFL.
00:09:00 – Talking analytics and scouting . . .
00:13:20 – . . . and make-up. Three most important things.
00:16:40 – The Edgardo Alfonso story.
00:18:15 – The scouts job.
00:20:00 – The Ty Gainey story: limited looks.
00:22:15 – Starting pitchers and ‘rope.’
00:26:30 – Bullpenning, super-utility and directions forward.
00:29:02 – Rusty Staub and bench-utility.
00:34:50 – A few words on hitting.
00:36:50 – The Doc Gooden story.
00:40:45 – Talking pitchability and command.
00:46:49 – The change-up.
00:52:50 – Scouting and player development.
00:59:00 – What makes a good scout.