Working at 2080 Baseball

At 2080 Baseball we are always on the lookout for qualified individuals. Below is a description of the positions currently available, including player evaluators, writers, and photographers. If you are interested in joining the 2080 Baseball team, please submit to the following:

  • Resume*
  • Letter of Interest*
  • Work samples (e.g. long and short form articles, scouting reports, photos, player video)*
  •  References


At 2080 Baseball we understand that each candidate has a unique background and skill set, and we encourage every applicant to consider and explore what role they believe they could play as part of our expanding family. While the below positions are general buckets in which we expect most applicants to fall, we have current contributors whose talents allow them to produce a wide variety of content and participate in varied projects, and we are always excited to help foster growth in as many areas as possible.

Player Evaluators

2080 Baseball’s unique position in the baseball prospecting world is thanks in large part to our focus on creating a variety of content types to appeal to a wide audience of industry professionals and everyday fans alike. Our insistence on getting in-person looks at players whenever possible goes hand-in-hand with our desire to provide first-hand unique evaluative content relating to prospects at both the professional and amateur ranks.

Our unique platform for submitting and publishing formal scouting reports, as well as our sortable Reports Library, provides a special opportunity for contributors looking to break into the baseball world and get their reports seen by readers and professionals across the game alike. Aware of the importance that video is playing in scouting departments across today’s game, as well as the strong desire for fans to see their team’s future stars as they ascend towards the majors, we have also designed a platform for contributors to submit and publish player videos, as well as a sortable video library for minor league prospects and each of the 2016, 2017, and 2018 draft classes.

Top Candidates will…

  • Have convenient access to minor league and/or amateur baseball
  • Have availability and willingness to attend games regularly throughout the season
  • Have familiarity with general scouting terminology and best practices while evaluating players at the fields, including optimal angles for viewing, required number of views of a player before submitting a formal report, and overall decorum while attending a game in a professional evaluative capacity (three-plus years of evaluative experience strongly encouraged but not required)
  • Demonstrate strong organizational skills and an ability to turnaround reports and video in a timely fashion after player viewings
  • Demonstrate an understanding comfort and familiarity with operation of radar guns, camcorders, and video editing software (encouraged but not required)


While player evaluation is at the heart of 2080 Baseball’s unique content, we believe that quality writing is an essential component of our brand, enabling us to reach a broader audience than just the scouting wonks drawn to our report library. We are looking for contributors capable of and interested in producing a variety of written content, including our popular player spotlights (which are published in article form and as part of our spotlight library), longer form one-off articles, and weekly features. While most of our content focuses on prospects, player evaluation and player development, we are always open to expanding our coverage if the right piece comes across our desk.

A writer’s skill set and availability, as well as responsiveness through the editing process and, of course, quality of writing, will determine the frequency with which contributors are published. We are currently looking for writers across the full spectrum of experience, availability for contribution, and desired content form.

Top Candidates will…

  • Demonstrate strong writing skills across both short and long form pieces
  • Have availability and willingness to produce content regularly throughout the season
  • Have experience writing about players in an evaluative context (previous writing experience with other baseball publications encouraged but not required)
  • Show a willingness and ability to examine the game in an analytical fashion
  • Demonstrate an ability to break down complex concepts through accessible language


2080 Baseball is currently looking for photographers, both as special assignment contributors and regular content providers. As an MLB and MiLB credentialed outlet, 2080 Baseball will assist in securing the appropriate credentials for the right candidates, but is also interested in single-use licensing of photos in your current portfolios.

Both amateur and professional photographers are welcome to apply.

Top Candidates will…

  • Have experience in sports photography (ability to point to previously published work strongly encouraged by not required)
  • Be located close to minor league and/or amateur baseball hotbeds
  • Have a willingness and ability to travel for special assignments