Age (Draft Day): 19.03
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 185
Primary Position: RHSP
Seconday Position: -
Entry Point: High School
School/Location: Paducah Tilghman , Paducah, KY
Spotlight Report Info
Report Date: August 15th, 2019
MLB Team:

Draft Spotlight


  • Tall, lanky frame w/ athletic look and wiry twitch; similar build to Shane Baz (TAM).
  • Semi-windup; deep, full arm-circle into fast H3/4 slot; moderate effort through finish, pulls off-line at release. Has the athleticism to iron out mechanics w/ improved direction to the plate. 
  • FB 91-94 (92); Held low-90s through outing, frame to grow into a tick more velo at maturity. 
  • SL 82-83; True SL, best off-speed; late, lateral action w/ sharp finish; showed to both RHH and LHH, able to execute to back leg of a LHH; pro-ready pitch w/ upside. 
  • CB 73-74; Mixed a loopy CB as a show-me wrinkle; advanced idea to show hitters two distinct breaking balls. 
  • Intense, competitive mound presence; worked quick through impressive two-inning outing; kept hitters working on his pace; got ahead w/ FB and showed he could land both breaking balls for strikes.

SUMMARY: Nice blend of current stuff and remaining projection; FB and SL are solid building blocks and pro-ready pitches; older for the class but still has potential to draw early-round interest next spring.