Nolan Gorman

Age (Draft Day): 18.01
Bats: Left
Throws: Right
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 205
Primary Position: 3B
Seconday Position: 1B
Acquisition Period: 2018 Draft Class
Entry Point: High School
School/Location: Sandra Day O'Connor , Glendale, AZ
Spotlight Report Info
Report Date: March 7th, 2018
MLB Team:

Draft Spotlight

Gorman’s offensive upside and power potential were on display despite an 0-2 line with two walks and a strikeout. A fairly mature 6’1’’ and 210 pounds, the lefty-swinging Gorman already has the physicality and strength of a pro third baseman in a frame that resembles Kyle Seager at the hot corner. He starts with good width in his hitting base, utilizing a moderate leg kick trigger and low handset to start his swing. He’ll occasionally expand his leg kick and load when he wants to let it fly.

Gorman has impressive bat speed for a high schooler, whistling the barrel through the zone through a lashing uppercut swing that features a high two-handed finish. Paired with his present strength, this generates raw power that some scouts view as the best of any high school hitter in the country. It’s unusual to see a teenager loft the ball in batting practice the way that Gorman can, but his physicality and easy upswing allow the ability to drive the ball like a more mature hitter. That said, the power comes at a price: he often over-swings, leaking out his front hip too early and creating holes on the inner-third of the plate. There’s more swing-and-miss than other top prep bats in the class, and as a player more likely to produce power than batting average, patience and pitch selection will be key. Defensively, he has some chance to remain at the hot corner, showing field and throw tools that project to be playable at third. To stay on the left side of the infield as a pro, he will have to maintain an already-thick lower half and clean up his footwork and throwing accuracy. No matter where he winds up on defense, the team that takes Gorman is buying the power bat.