Austin Cox

Position: LHSP
Level: Minor League Spring Training
Affiliate: Royals A-
League: Minor League Spring Training
Born: 03/28/1997 (Age: 27)
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 185
B/T: Left / Left
Acquired: 5th Rd., 2018 MLB First-Year Player Draft (KCR)

Prospect Spotlight


  • Large, durable frame that’s ideal for SP. Build through shoulders and hips. Average athlete. 
  • Upbeat semi-windup; tall leg kick, lands slightly closed, high front-side through drive; clean, on-line finish. Repeatable, low-maintenance. 
  • FB 90-94; Projects as avg pitch, low-90s velocity w/ moderate life. Around the zone w/ more control than command, but flashes ability to hit a low spot when delivery is timed up. Over-strides at times, causing FB to sail up+armside. 
  • CB 79-80; Big league curve, good velocity and shape to it. Consistent down action w/ tight rotation. Go-to secondary pitch. 
  • CH 84-85; Third pitch that lags behind FB/CB at present. Shows to RHH w/ slight turnover and fade. Will need to develop it more to reach ceiling.
  • FB/CB main two pitches, establishes FB and goes to soft stuff when ahead. Clean mechanics project to fill the zone and limit walks. Future SP. 

SUMMARY: Polished LHP from the college ranks that could move through the low-minors quickly. Ingredients of a #4/#5 SP if his changeup and command sharpen up.