Rafael Marchan

Position: C
Level: Instructs
Affiliate: Phillies Instructs
League: Instructional League
Born: 02/25/1999 (Age: 24)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170
B/T: Both / Right
Acquired: Signed as international free agent July 3, 2015 (PHI)

Prospect Spotlight


  • Short, stocky, compact build. Muscular lower-half, thick throughout. Good catcher’s body.
  • Saw more game ABs from LH side. Quick and direct to the ball, uppercut plane produces aerial contact. Like the swing.
  • Hits the ball hard, showed sneaky power with ability to lift pullside in games. More power on the come.
  • Athletic for a catcher, moves well for his build, running still isn’t a large part of his game.
  • Sets low and compact targets, advanced blocker who moves well laterally, average framer and receiver. Can stay at catcher.
  • Cannon arm, loudest tool, really stands out. Quick release and transfer, serious strength and carry through targets. 

SUMMARY: Under-the-radar young catcher who could break out in the coming years. Nice mix of defensive ability and offensive upside at a premium position, ceiling of a ML regular backstop. Glove/arm provide a high floor and will get him there even if the bat stalls.