Stephen Gonsalves

Position: LHSP
Level: High A
Affiliate: Fort Myers Miracle
Age: 21
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 213
B/T: Left / Left
Acquired: 4th Rd., 2013 MLB First-YEar Player Draft (MIN)

Prospect Spotlight

The Potential Tools: 55 FB, 55 CH, 50 CB, 55 Command

Strengths: Lean, wiry projectable frame; consistent delivery and repeatable mechanics; ¾ arm slot with above-average arm speed; FB works in the low 90s; downhill plane and some armside life; CH is go-to secondary; plays well off of FB; splitter-action with deep vertical drop and above-average depth; CB has taken developmental steps forward; 1-to-7 shape with sharp bite and depth; presently can throw it for a chase pitch; developing SL; short, horizontal break with moderate tilt; change-of-pace pitch; advanced feel for pitching; present average command of FB/CH; high intelligence when sequencing and pitchability; shown ability to make in-game adjustments; high floor.

Weaknesses: Present below-average command of CB; SL will be below average; strength is needed to handle starter’s workload year-in and year-out; FB can get squared-up; no true bat-missing pitch; command can become loose in zone at times; no upper-minors experience.
Role Ceiling: 50; #4 SP.

Risk: Moderate; advanced profile and feel; high floor.

Summary: Gonsalves is one of the more underrated prospects in the Twins’ system and in all of the minors. He has an advanced feel for pitching and has the ability to beat hitters with his command, and has the ability to sequence without having plus-level pitches. He put up video game numbers last season during the first half of the year, and those aren’t obviously sustainable, but that’s not to say Gonsalves isn’t a legitimate prospect. At full maturity, he’ll feature a four-pitch mix with three of those playing average or better with above-average command. Add that together with some strength added to his projectable frame, and he’ll settle into the back end of the Twins’ rotation for many years.