The Debutantes Ball: MLB debuts for the week ending September 11

J.P. Crawford, SS, Phillies, Phillies Prospects
JP Crawford - Glendale Desert Dogs - 2015 Arizona Fall League

Feature Photo: J.P. Crawford, SS, Phillies

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The first few days of September were … well … JUST a little crazy.

But as we moved into the first full week of 40-man rosters things became a lot more manageable, shall we say.

Keeping things short and sweet (like meeeeee!), after the Labor Day weekend record (for me) of 26 debutantes through that Sunday, we welcomed 16 more newcomers to the big leagues this week (through games of September 10), bringing out season total to 251.

To keep you updated, as I always do, that compares to 248 players as of the same date in 2016 (when we started this column and I started to actually keep track of the numbers – I’ve been writing debuts in some form for some publication pretty much steadily since 1993!).

Last season, we finished up with 258 and to be honest, heading into September, I did not think we’d reach that total. Now, two weeks later, I think it’s almost inevitable. The first rounds of Double-A and Triple-A playoffs will be winding up this weekend, which means that 10 teams will be finished, with 10 more living to play another deciding series (each of the five leagues at those levels play semifinals and finals). A very cursory glance at the rosters of the teams still active show a LOT of potential – and in fact likely – 2017 debutantes, many of whom, I’m sure, will be receiving tickets to the show as soon as they’re finished. Not all, mind you – some may have reached their innings limit, or have been nursing little injuries, or need some time off before winter ball – but many.

So with that to factor in over the next week or two, I do not think that this first wave of September 1 roster expansion arrivals will be the end of it.

So stay tuned and enjoy! And hey, hey, hey … be careful out there. Stay safe and dry and give people you love and extra hug.


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