2080 Baseball is excited to release its Top 125 rankings for the 2020 MLB Draft Class. These rankings were compiled with input from 2080 Baseball’s evaluators and writers at the fields throughout the past 12 months.

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Draft Rankings – Top 125

First Name
Last Name
Draft Day Age
1 Spencer Torkelson 1B Arizona State 4Y 20.09 VIDEO LINK
2 Asa Lacy LHP Texas A&M 4Y 21.00 VIDEO LINK
3 Austin Martin OF Vanderbilt 4Y 21.02 VIDEO LINK
4 Nick Gonzales 2B New Mexico State 4Y 21.00 VIDEO LINK
5 Max Meyer RHP/DH Minnesota 4Y 21.02 VIDEO LINK
6 Emerson Hancock RHP Georgia 4Y 21.00 VIDEO LINK
7 Zac Veen OF Spruce Creek (FL) HS 18.05 VIDEO LINK
8 Reid Detmers LHP Louisville 4Y 20.10 VIDEO LINK
9 Austin Hendrick OF West Allegheny (PA) HS 18.11 VIDEO LINK
10 Mick Abel RHP Jesuit (OR) HS 18.09 VIDEO LINK
11 Ed Howard SS Mount Carmel (IL) HS 18.04 VIDEO LINK
12 Jared Kelley RHP Refugio (TX) HS 18.08 VIDEO LINK
13 Robert Hassell OF Independence (TN) HS 18.09 VIDEO LINK
14 Garrett Crochet LHP Tennessee 4Y 20.11 VIDEO LINK
15 Heston Kjerstad OF Arkansas 4Y 21.03 VIDEO LINK
16 Dillon Dingler C Ohio State 4Y 20.09 VIDEO LINK
17 Bryce Jarvis RHP Duke 4Y 22.05 VIDEO LINK
18 Cole Wilcox RHP Georgia 4Y 20.10 VIDEO LINK
19 Garrett Mitchell OF UCLA 4Y 21.08 VIDEO LINK
20 Carmen Mlodzinski RHP South Carolina 4Y 21.03 VIDEO LINK
21 Slade Cecconi RHP Miami 4Y 20.11 VIDEO LINK
22 Patrick Bailey C North Carolina State 4Y 21.00 VIDEO LINK
23 Cade Cavalli RHP Oklahoma 4Y 21.09 VIDEO LINK
24 Austin Wells C Arizona 4Y 20.11 VIDEO LINK
25 Pete Crow-Armstrong OF Harvard-Westlake (CA) HS 18.02 VIDEO LINK
26 Tyler Soderstrom C/3B Turlock (CA) HS 18.06 VIDEO LINK
27 Tanner Burns RHP Auburn 4Y 21.05 VIDEO LINK
28 Nick Bitsko RHP Central Bucks East (PA) HS 17.11 * LINK
29 Nick Loftin SS Baylor 4Y 21.08 VIDEO LINK
30 JT Ginn RHP Mississippi State 4Y 21.00 VIDEO LINK
31 Jared Shuster LHP Wake Forest 4Y 21.10 VIDEO LINK
32 Masyn Winn SS/RHP Kingwood (TX) HS 18.02 VIDEO (H)


33 Justin Lange RHP Llano (TX) HS 18.09 * LINK
34 Justin Foscue 2B Mississippi State 4Y 21.03 VIDEO LINK
35 Jordan Walker 3B Decatur (GA) HS 18.00 VIDEO LINK
36 Carson Montgomery RHP Windermere (FL) HS 17.10 VIDEO LINK
37 Logan Allen LHP Florida International 4Y 21.09 VIDEO LINK
38 Daniel Cabrera OF Louisiana State 4Y 21.09 VIDEO LINK
39 Burl Carraway LHP Dallas Baptist 4Y 21.00 VIDEO LINK
40 Bobby Miller RHP Louisville 4Y 21.02 VIDEO LINK
41 Clayton Beeter RHP Texas Tech 4Y 21.08 * LINK
42 Jared Jones RHP La Mirada (CA) HS 18.10 VIDEO LINK
43 Kyle Nicolas RHP Ball State 4Y 21.03 VIDEO LINK
44 Ben Hernandez RHP De La Salle (IL) HS 18.11 VIDEO LINK
45 Aaron Sabato 1B North Carolina 4Y 21.00 VIDEO LINK
46 Dax Fulton LHP Mustang (OK) HS 18.07 VIDEO LINK
47 CJ Van Eyk RHP Florida State 4Y 21.08 VIDEO LINK
48 Nick Swiney LHP North Carolina State 4Y 21.04 VIDEO LINK
49 Chris McMahon RHP Miami 4Y 21.04 VIDEO LINK
50 Drew Romo C The Woodlands (TX) HS 18.09 VIDEO LINK
51 Jordan Westburg SS/3B Mississippi State 4Y 21.04 VIDEO LINK
52 Tommy Mace RHP Florida 4Y 21.06 VIDEO LINK
53 Tanner Witt RHP Episcopal (TX) HS 17.10 VIDEO LINK
54 Kyle Harrison LHP De La Salle (CA) HS 18.09 VIDEO LINK
55 Cole Henry RHP Louisiana State 4Y 20.10 VIDEO LINK
56 Sam Weatherly LHP Clemson 4Y 21.00 VIDEO LINK
57 Drew Bowser 3B Harvard-Westlake (CA) HS 18.03 VIDEO LINK
58 Alex Santos RHP Mount St. Michael (NY) HS 17.11 VIDEO LINK
59 Alika Williams SS Arizona State 4Y 21.00 VIDEO LINK
60 Casey Martin SS Arkansas 4Y 21.01 VIDEO LINK
61 Alejandro Rosario RHP Miami Christian (FL) HS 18.05 VIDEO LINK
62 Zach DeLoach OF Texas A&M 4Y 21.09 VIDEO LINK
63 Blaze Jordan 1B DeSoto Central (MS) HS 17.05 VIDEO LINK
64 Zavier Warren SS/3B Central Michigan 4Y 18.09 VIDEO LINK
65 Cade Horton RHP/SS Norman (OK) HS 18.09 VIDEO LINK
66 Kevin Parada C Loyola (CA) HS 18.10 VIDEO LINK
67 Connor Phillips RHP McLennan CC (TX) 2Y 19.01 * LINK
68 Chase Davis OF Franklin (CA) HS 18.06 VIDEO LINK
69 Mason Erla RHP Michigan State 4Y 22.09 VIDEO LINK
70 Enrique Bradfield, Jr. OF American Heritage (FL) HS 18.06 VIDEO LINK
71 Seth Lonsway LHP Ohio State 4Y 21.08 VIDEO LINK
72 Zach McCambley RHP Coastal Carolina 4Y 21.01 * LINK
73 Markevian Hence RHP Watson Chapel (AR) HS 17.10 VIDEO LINK
74 Jeff Criswell RHP Michigan 4Y 21.03 * LINK
75 Nick Garcia RHP Chapman 4Y 21.01 * LINK
76 Luke Little LHP San Jacinto JC (TX) 2Y 19.09 VIDEO LINK
77 Gage Workman 3B Arizona State 4Y 20.07 * LINK
78 Ian Bedell RHP Missouri 4Y 20.09 * LINK
79 Carson Tucker SS Mountain Pointe (AZ) HS 18.04 VIDEO LINK
80 Ryan Hagenow RHP Farragut (TN) HS 18.00 * LINK
81 Carson Seymour RHP Kansas State 4Y 21.06 * LINK
82 Petey Halpin OF St. Francis (CA) HS 18.00 * LINK
83 Cayden Wallace 3B Greenbrier (AR) HS 18.09 VIDEO LINK
84 Hudson Haskin OF Tulane 4Y 21.05 * LINK
85 Christian Roa RHP Texas A&M 4Y 21.02 * LINK
86 Cam Brown RHP Flower Mound (TX) HS 18.08 * LINK
87 Jackson Miller C JW Mitchell (FL) HS 18.05 * LINK
88 Jake Eder LHP Vanderbilt 4Y 21.10 * LINK
89 Casey Schmitt 3B/RHP San Diego State 4Y 21.03 * LINK
90 Nate Wohlgemuth RHP Owasso (OK) HS 19.00 VIDEO LINK
91 Tyler Gentry OF Alabama 4Y 21.04 * LINK
92 Gavin Williams RHP East Carolina 4Y 20.10 * LINK
93 Jake Vogel OF Huntington Beach (CA) HS 18.08 * LINK
94 Parker Chavers OF Coastal Carolina 4Y 21.00 * LINK
95 Corey Collins C North Gwinnett (GA) HS 18.08 * LINK
96 Victor Mederos RHP Westminster Christian (PA) HS 18.11 VIDEO LINK
97 Colt Keith 3B/RHP Biloxi (MS) HS 18.10 * LINK
98 Milan Tolentino SS Santa Margarita Catholic (CA) HS 18.06 VIDEO LINK
99 Ian Seymour RHP Virginia Tech 4Y 21.06 VIDEO LINK
100 Beck Way RHP NW Florida State JC (FL) 2Y 20.10 * LINK
101 Alerick Soularie OF Tennessee 4Y 20.11 * (6/12)
102 RJ Dabovich RHP Arizona State 4Y 21.05 * (6/12)
103 Jordan Nwogu OF Michigan 4Y 21.02 VIDEO (6/12)
104 David Calabrese OF St. Elizabeth Catholic (ON) HS 17.08 * (6/12)
105 Tyler Keenan 3B Mississippi 4Y 21.03 * (6/12)
106 Hunter Barnhart RHP St. Joseph (CA) HS 18.04 * (6/12)
107 Bryce Elder RHP Texas 4Y 21.00 * (6/12)
108 Yohandy Morales 3B Braddock (FL) HS 18.07 VIDEO (6/12)
109 Jace Bohrofen OF Westmoore (OK) HS 18.07 VIDEO (6/12)
110 Isaiah Greene OF Corona (CA) HS 18.09 * (6/12)
111 Kevin Abel RHP Oregon State 4Y 21.04 * (6/12)
112 Anthony Servideo SS Mississippi 4Y 21.03 * (6/12)
113 Trent Palmer RHP Jacksonville 4Y 21.02 * (6/12)
114 Coby Mayo 3B Stoneman Douglas (FL) HS 18.06 * (6/12)
115 Mitchell Parker RHP San Jacinto JC (TX) 2Y 20.08 * (6/12)
116 Casey Opitz C Arkansas 4Y 21.10 VIDEO (6/12)
117 Hayden Cantrelle 2B Louisiana 4Y 21.06 * (6/12)
118 Ricky Tiedemann LHP Lakewood (CA) 4Y 17.10 * (6/12)
119 Luke Waddell SS Georgia Tech 4Y 21.11 VIDEO (6/12)
120 Mac Horvath SS IMG Academy (FL) HS 18.10 * (6/12)
121 Ryan Ritter SS John A. Logan JC (IL) 2Y 19.07 * (6/12)
122 Sammy Infante SS Monsignor Pace (FL) HS 18.11 * (6/12)
123 Daniel Susac C Jesuit (CA) HS 19.01 * (6/12)
124 AJ Vukovich OF/3B East Troy (WI) HS 18.10 VIDEO (6/12)
125 Liam Norris LHP Green Hope (NS) HS 18.09 VIDEO (6/12)

Additional Draft Names to Know

First Name
Last Name
Draft Day Age
WATCH Andrew Abbott LHP Virginia 4Y (6/13) (6/13) (6/13)
WATCH Dane Acker RHP Oklahoma 4Y
WATCH Franco Aleman RHP St. John’s River State 2Y
WATCH Chase Antle RHP Coastal Carolina 4Y
WATCH Robby Ashford OF Hoover (AL) HS
WATCH Carter Baumler RHP Dowling Catholic (IA) HS
WATCH Brendan Beck RHP Stanford 4Y
WATCH Branden Birdsell LHP San Jacinto JC 2Y
WATCH Jack Blomgren SS Michigan 4Y
WATCH Bryce Bonnin RHP Texas Tech 4Y
WATCH Joe Boyle RHP Notre Dame 4Y
WATCH Gage Bradley RHP Rossview (TN) HS
WATCH Zach Britton C Louisville 4Y
WATCH Tyler Brown RHP Vanderbilt 4Y
WATCH Ryan Bruno LHP American Heritage Delray (FL) HS
WATCH Zack Brzykcy RHP Virginia Tech 4Y
WATCH Jack Bulger C DeMatha (MD) HS
WATCH Alec Burleson 1B East Carolina 4Y
WATCH Elijah Cabell OF Florida State 4Y
WATCH Owen Caissie OF Notre Dame Catholic (OC) HS
WATCH Max Carlson RHP Burnsville (MN) HS
WATCH Jordan Carrion SS American Heritage Plantation (FL) HS
WATCH Tyler Chadwick RHP Marshall (WI) HS
WATCH Cristian Chamberlain LHP Oregon State 4Y
WATCH DJ Carpenter RHP Central Arizona JC 2Y
WATCH Kellum Clark 3B Brandon (MS) HS
WATCH Magdiel Cotto LHP Nation Ford (SC) HS
WATCH Trei Cruz SS Rice 4Y
WATCH Johnny Cuevas RHP Southern Nevada 2Y
WATCH Zach Daniels OF Tennessee 4Y
WATCH Nander De Sedas SS Florida State 4Y
WATCH Trenton Denholm RHP UC Irvine 4Y
WATCH Trey Dillard RHP Missouri 4Y
WATCH Joey Dixon RHP Bungham (UT) HS
WATCH Jack Dreyer LHP Iowa 4Y
WATCH Shane Drohan LHP Florida State 4Y
WATCH Blake Dunn OF Western Michigan 4Y
WATCH Eddie Eisert SS Bishop O’ Connell (VA) HS
WATCH Josh Ekness RHP The Woodlands (TX) HS
WATCH Stevie Emanuels RHP Washington 4Y
WATCH Zac Fascia C Purdue 4Y
WATCH Hugh Fisher LHP Vanderbilt 4Y
WATCH Ty Floyd RHP Rockmart (GA) HS
WATCH Cole Foster SS Plano (TX) HS
WATCH Jesse Franklin OF Michigan 4Y
WATCH Nick Frasso RHP Loyola Marymount 4Y
WATCH Jackson Fristoe RHP Paducah Tilghman (KY) HS
WATCH Jimmy Glowenke SS/INF Dallas Baptist 4Y
WATCH Jacob Gonzalez SS Glendora (CA) HS
WATCH Caden Grice OF/LHP Riverside (SC) HS
WATCH Nick Griffin LHP Monticello (AR) HS
WATCH Marques Grissom, Jr. RHP Counterpane (GA) HS
WATCH Tyler Guerrero LHP Lower Columbia CC 2Y
WATCH Shawn Guilliams RHP Villages Charter (FL) HS
WATCH Colby Halter SS Bishop Kenny (FL) HS
WATCH Dom Hamel RHP Dallas Baptist 4Y
WATCH Chase Hampton RHP Kilgore (TX) HS
WATCH Calvin Harris C Western Dubuque (IA) HS
WATCH Trevor Hauver OF Arizona State 4Y
WATCH Mason Hickman RHP Vanderbilt 4Y
WATCH Storm Hierholzer RHP Lake Travis (TX) HS
WATCH Grayson Hitt LHP Houston (TN) HS
WATCH Bo Hofstra RHP Purdue 4Y
WATCH Bailey Horn LHP Auburn 4Y
WATCH Kyle Hurt RHP Southern California 4Y
WATCH Colton Johnson LHP Illinois State 4Y
WATCH Blayne Jones SS/INF Dallas Baptist 4Y
WATCH Brannon Jordan RHP South Carolina 4Y
WATCH Niko Kavadas 1B Notre Dame 4Y
WATCH Kade Kern OF Archbold (OH) HS
WATCH Will Klein RHP Eastern Illinois 4Y
WATCH Landon Knack RHP East Tennessee State 4Y
WATCH Christian Knapczyk SS Joliet Catholic (IL) HS
WATCH Chris Lanzilli OF Wake Forest 4Y
WATCH Jackson Leath RHP Tennessee 4Y
WATCH Jack Leftwich RHP Florida 4Y
WATCH Dylan MacLean LHP Central Catholic (OR) HS
WATCH Timmy Manning LHP Cardinal Gibbons (FL) HS
WATCH Christian McGowan RHP Eastern Oklahoma State JC 2Y
WATCH Nolan McLean 3B/RHP Garner (NC) HS
WATCH Mason Miller LHP JW Mitchell (FL) HS
WATCH Jacob Misiorowski RHP Grain Valley (MO) HS
WATCH Blake Money RHP Summit (TN) HS
WATCH Tanner Murray SS UC Davis 4Y
WATCH TJ Nichols RHP Oakmont (CA) HS
WATCH Steven Ondina SS International Baseball Academy (PR) HS
WATCH Jack Payton C Brother Rice (IL) HS
WATCH Carlos Perez C Florida Christian (FL) HS
WATCH Kaden Polcovich 2B Oklahoma State 4Y
WATCH Holden Powell RHP UCLA 4Y
WATCH Levi Prater LHP Oklahoma 4Y
WATCH Carson Ragsdale RHP South Florida 4Y
WATCH Max Rajcic RHP Orange Lutheran (CA) HS
WATCH Patrick Reilly RHP Christian Brothers (NJ) HS
WATCH Grant Richardson OF Indiana 4Y
WATCH TK Roby RHP Pine Forest (FL) HS
WATCH Kala’i Rosario OF Waiakea (HI) HS
WATCH Michael Rothenberg C Duke 4Y
WATCH Will Sanders RHP Woodward Academy (GA) HS
WATCH Jason Savacool RHP Baldwinsville (NY) HS
WATCH Adam Seminaris LHP Long Beach State 4Y
WATCH Bobby Seymour 1B Wake Forest 4Y
WATCH Blake Shapen SS Evangel Christian Academy (LA) HS
WATCH Chase Silseth RHP Southern Nevada 2Y
WATCH Travis Sthele RHP Reagan (TX) HS
WATCH Luke Storm 3B Easton Area (PA) HS
WATCH Carson Taylor C Virginia Tech 4Y
WATCH Jacob Teeter 1B Florida Southern 2Y
WATCH Jordan Thompson SS Louisiana State 4Y
WATCH Sterlin Thompson OF North Marion (FL) HS
WATCH Jared Viertel RHP Crowder JC 2Y
WATCH Max Wagner 3B Green Bay Preble (WI) HS
WATCH MacKenzie Wainwright OF St. Edward (OH) HS
WATCH Braiden Ward OF Washington 4Y
WATCH Jack Wassel 3B Minnesota 4Y
WATCH Ryan Webb LHP Georgia 4Y
WATCH Carson Wells OF Bishop Gorman (NV) HS
WATCH Joey Wiemer OF Cincinnati 4Y
WATCH Isaac Williams, Jr. OF Tioga (LA) HS
WATCH Brock Wilken 3B Bloomingdale (FL) HS
WATCH Slade Wilks OF Columbia Academy (MS) HS
WATCH Jeremy Wu-Yelland LHP Hawai’i 4Y
WATCH Nick Yorke SS Archbishop Mitty (CA) HS
WATCH Mario Zabala OF International Baseball Academy (PR) HS
WATCH Freddy Zamora SS Miami 4Y