Defensive Indifference (Limited Series) — AFL Episode 1

Defensive Indifference: A 2080 Baseball Podcast, returns with a special limited series hosted by Ryan Sullivan and John Eshleman and focusing on fall action in Arizona. In episode one Ryan and John take an in-depth look from the backfields of Arizona this Fall, discussing John’s experience at Instructional League. They cover a few specific players but spend most of the hour talking about the Scouting Process in the context of instructs.

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Transition music: Talking Heads — Road to Nowhere

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Segment 1
02:50 – What is instructs?
12:30 – They all throw 95
Segment 2
18:00 – Yohanse Morel (RHP, Royals) and the value of low minors scouting
Segment 3
35:00 – Checking back in from ‘structs: Have the players changed or has the evaluator?
38:50 – Jacob Heatherly (LHP, Reds); example of positive player update from ‘structs.
41:40 – Let’s talk about risk
50:15 – When the instructs update is tepid