Brock Jones

Age (Draft Day): 18.02
Bats: Left
Throws: Right
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 185
Primary Position: CF
Seconday Position: -
Entry Point: High School
School/Location: Buchanan, Clovis, CA
Spotlight Report Info
Report Date: August 18th, 2018
MLB Team:

Draft Spotlight

Even though he’s from California and gets exposure to scouts as a result, Jones wasn’t as “known” as some of his peers from the state because he splits time with football, where he’s a high D1 recruit at safety. That will change after his performance in Long Beach, however, as Jones’ athleticism, raw tools, and hard-nosed style of play made him one of the more impressive position prospects at this year’s Area Code Games.

He’s a muscular 6’1’’ and 185 pounds, with chiseled strength throughout his forearms and lower half. Jones has the range and speed you’d expect from a high-level football player, able to track down balls in centerfield to both gaps. His arm is fringy—not uncommon for two-sport types at this age—but he’s enough of an athlete to start in center at the pro level. At the plate, Jones showed impressive hard contact all week from a fast and aggressive left-handed swing. His hands are extremely strong, able to stay inside the ball while generating natural backspin. Jones capped off his week at the Area Code Games by launching a no-doubt homer to right field that left little doubt about his power potential.

Jones wasn’t a name going into Long Beach, but he certainly is one we’re staying on heading into the fall. He’s the type of player whose well-rounded skillset impacts the game on both sides of the ball, and he brings an aggressive and hustle approach to the game that spills over from his time on the gridiron. On raw tools alone, I saw the potential for an early-round pick, though his commitment to football clouds the signability. Jones reportedly still sees himself as a two-sport athlete and aspires to play both baseball and football in college.