Josiah Gray

Position: RHSP
Level: Minor League Spring Training
Affiliate: Dodgers A-
League: Minor League Spring Training
Born: 12/20/1997 (Age: 24)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190
B/T: Right / Right
Acquired: 1st Rd CBB (72nd Overall), 2018 MLB First-Year Player Draft (CIN); Traded to LAD 12/21/2018

Prospect Spotlight


  • Undersized for a RH-SP, but very muscular and athletic. Built through shoulders and hips. Played SS in college. 
  • Semi-windup; lands slightly closed, moderate effort in finish as he uncoils down the mound. Long arm-circle, fast 3/4 slot w/ recoil. 
  • FB 91-95; Easy low-90s (touched 94-95), has shown more in the past, early spring start+thing there’s more in the tank. Could be a high-90s type in the ‘pen. Lively ball that played at the top of the zone. 
  • SL 84-86; Hard SL w/ short one-plane action. Best ones flashed depth that allows projection, potentially avg pitch. Inconsistent in this look, backed up at times. 
  • CH 88-90; Crude third pitch, limited feel. Runs into his FB and acts more like a 2sm. Lack of third speed could move him to the ‘pen. 
  • FB/SL two main offerings, CH a distant third. Kept both pitches around the plate in best sequences, though catches a lot of plate and doesn’t command his FB within the zone. 

SUMMARY: Strong, athletic frame w/ two quality pitches. Lots of signs point to a future ‘pen arm, but like him there. Stuff could tick up, tools to fit setup profile.